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1st place finish at the Irish American Association of Northwest Jersey Festival

Washington Memorial Pipe Band is recruiting pipers and drummers!  Whether you want to learn from scratch or are
an experienced player and want to compete in our Grade 4 band, we can offer you an exciting opportunity to play in a successful band.

We foster an atmosphere of inclusion and collegiality along with a rare balance of performances and competitions which is hard to find in the pipe band world.  If you would like to join, contact us at 610-695-8600 ext 334 or email

Band Leadership

President: Colin Patrick Drummond

Colin P. Drummond started his piping career with the Isle of Mull Pipe Band in Denver, CO. in 1990.

Colin performing at Celtic Classic - Main Stage

Colin performing at Celtic Classic – 

Colin moved to Central Jersey in 1992 and played with CuChullain Pipe Band and honed his piping skills under  the instruction of Joe McGonigal and Seamus Coyne.  In 1998, Colin moved to Philadelphia and joined WMPB and continued his development under the tutelage of Pipe Majors Col. Phil Townsend and Derek Midgley.  Colin was Pipe Major of WMPB from 2003 through 2016 and led the band to dozens of awards and commendations over the past decade.


Pipe Major:  Dan J. Emery

Dan started playing as a member of the Grove City Highland Pipe Band in 1979. His first instructor of note was Pipe Major and piping judge, Tom Hinchey.  

Pipe Major
Dan Emery

Dan developed into a prize winning piper learning from notables such as: PM Chris Hamilton, PM Scott Walker, Sir James MacIntosh, MBE; PM Alasdair Gillies,Norman Gillies, PM Brian Donaldson, PM James McGillivray, PM Al MacMullan, Mike Rodgers and June Hanley.   Dan was the Pipe Major of the Cameron Highlander’s PB Grade 3 Competition Band (Philadelphia) in the mid 2000s. Dan was recently selected to be the Pipe Major of WMPB in 2017. 

As a soloist, Dan has competed at the  Grade 2 Level, amassing 13 firstplaces, 10 second places; 9 third; 3 fourths.  Dan is a retired highland dancer and often plays for highland and country dancing and can be heard on several country dancing CD’s. In addition to highland pipes, Dan also plays, border pipes, smallpipes, flute, and fiddle.

Pipe Sergeant: Rich Hall 

Rich began playing the bagpipes in 1960 at the age of 8 years old in Rockledge, Pennsylvania.  He followed in his  father’s footsteps, who emigrated from Northern Ireland.  Rich was taught by the following pipers;  Donald Leslie, John Rae Miller, and Robert Gilchrist.  Starting his solo career at the age of 11, Rich quickly elevated to the Grade 1 level by the age of 17.

Pipe Sergeant Rich Hall

Rich has played in numerous prize winning bands over 4 decades, including City of Wilmington, Olgilvie Highlanders, Lehigh Valley PB, and Delmar and District PB.  More recently, he was the pipe major of First Highland Watch and the Philadelphia Emerald  Society PB where he led the bands to numerous prizes in Grade 4.  Rich became Pipe Sergeant of Washington Memorial PB in 2017, and also lends his talents teaching private lessons to pipers of all abilities.


Drum Sergeant
Ruiraidh Sutherland

Drum Sergeant:  Ruiraidh Sutherland

Ruiraidh starting drumming at the age of ten after emigrating from Scotland as a toddler. He has learned quickly under the private instruction of Derek Cooper of Inveraray & District and Ulster Scottish Pipe Bands.  After leading the WMPB drum corp in Grade 5 in 2018 to a first place and two second places in pipe band competitions, Ruiraidh has been promoted to drum sergeant of WMPB’s Grade 4 band for 2019.  Ruiraidh looks forward to leading the drum corp along with his brother Ciaran to a successful season.