Philadelphia & District Pipe Band

IPDPB NJ Irish Festival 2022 2

Drummers show off First Place Trophy from Central NY Highland Games Aug 13, 2022

Philadelphia & District Pipe Band, formed in 2021 is a regional competition pipe band which provides opportunity for accomplished pipers and drummers from local bands to unite and compete in Grade 4 Pipe Band competitions. The original charter members are from The Washington Memorial Pipe Band of Wayne Pa., The Cameron Highlanders of Lafayette Hill, Pa. and The Philadelphia Emerald Society Pipe Band.

Under the direction of Pipe Major Dan Emery of WMPB, and the drumming instruction of Sophia McConnell from the Grade 2 Ulster Scottish Pipe Band,  Philadelphia & District’s goal is to advance the quality of piping and drumming in the region and to help grow Philadelphia pipe bands to national prominence. Any piper or drummer playing at Grade 4 ability or higher, whether they are member of a local band or not. is strongly encouraged to join the regional band.

PDPB’s recently won First Place in both the MSR and Selection Medley at The Central NY Highland Games in Liverpool NY. August 2022.  Next up is the Celtic Classic Pipe Band Invitational in Bethlehem, Pa. September 24, 2022.

Rehearsals are Wednesday nights at St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Lafayette Hill. For information on participation and becoming a member of the regional competition band email

Current Roster of Philadelphia & District Pipe Band 

Last Name First Name Pipe Band Instrument
Agnew Doug Cameron Highlanders Snare
Bean Stephanie Washington Memorial Snare
Bennett Sharon Cameron Highlanders Piper
Buenzel Rich Washington Memorial Tenor
Buenzel Emily Washington Memorial Tenor
Collins John Emerald Society Piper
Drummond Colin  P. Washington Memorial Piper
Drummond Colin  J Washington Memorial Bass
Emery Dan Washington Memorial PM
Gaul Howard Cameron Highlanders DS
Gaul Lexie Cameron Highlanders Tenor
Hall Rich Washington Memorial PS
Johnson Kyle Cameron Highlanders PS
Jolly Tom Washington Memorial PIper
Leary Ernst Eileen Emerald Society Bass
McLuckie Drew Washington Memorial PIper
Mee Donald Cameron Highlanders Piper
Rodolfo Jennifer Washington Memorial Piper
Scutti Elisa Cameron Highlanders Tenor
Sutherland Ruiraidh Washington Memorial Snare
Sutherland Ciaran Washington Memorial Snare
Sutherland Kenny Washington Memorial PIper
Tobin Joe Emerald Society PIper
Vattilana Joe Washington Memorial Piper
Widelitz Brian Emerald Society PS

 Tune Selections for Grade 4 Competition Sets 2022

 Selection Medley

  • The Heights of Dargai
  • Dr Flora McAuley, Carradale
  • Sleep Dearie, Sleep
  • Molly Connell
  • Aspen Bank
  • The Ale is Dear
  • Becky Ewen


  • The 79th Farewell to Gibralter
  • Back O’ the Change House
  • Molly on the Shore