How do I enroll and get started?


The school has an abundance of experienced instructors ready for new students.  Simply go to the contact page and tell us about yourself.  Tell us your age, any instruments you have played before, and what is motivating you to learn the bagpipes or drums. Please enclose your mobile number as well.  We will get back to you within a couple hours for brief consultation and get you started within a week.  Group Lessons are provided for free on Wednesday nights at competition band rehearsal and private lessons can be arranged for a fee. Lessons can be virtual if too far to travel.


If you have a proven track record in piping or drumming, our affiliate regional pipe band Philadelphia & District Pipe Band can offer you an exciting opportunity to play in a successful Grade 4 competition band.  Most Washington Memorial school instructors and advanced students our rostered with the regional competition band.  If you want to stay active with your current street band, or you are a  "free agent" and don't belong to a band, you can roster with Philadelphia & District strictly for competition.  This allows players from across the region to advance their skills and play with a competition band.  If you believe you possess the qualities required to be a piper or drummer with the Grade 4 band give us a call or email us today!

President Colin P. Drummond 484-432-2142
or e-mail