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The Piping School's Mission and Values

We are motivated!  If we can teach the Philly Phanatic the pipes, we can teach anybody the pipes. Washington Memorial  is dedicated to presenting the very best in Highland bagpiping and drumming, as well as the preservation and promotion of this wonderful musical form, and to the cultivation and teaching of new players of all ages and abilities.

The band is inclusive by welcoming musicians of all abilities and talent levels. The more accomplished players encourage and mentor the newer students in a fun and lively atmosphere!  We strive to be better and play better every day.

How to get Started on the Bagpipes

  1. Washington Memorial instructors conduct a free consultation explaining the path to becoming a confident and musical bagpiper.
  2. The student is provided with all the tools necessary to begin the first phase of learning the pipes.
  3. Student attends 30 minute lessons on Wednesday night at no charge.  (For extra motivated piping or drumming students, private lessons can be arranged to accelerate the process).
  4. The student transitions to the full bagpipes after they have mastered the basic fingering of pipe music.
  5. Student is encouraged to join a local pipe band to show off their new talent!


Beginner pipe lessons Jan 2023
Pipe Band in London

The History of Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial School of Pipes and Drums started in Ardmore, PA. in 1939.  Thousands of pipers and drummers over eight decades got there start with Washington Memorial by attending group lessons or private lessons from the country's best instructors.

Many Washington Memorial piping and drumming students went on to play with some of the most renowned pipe bands in the world.  The school's own pipe band was the first US pipe band to play at the Czechoslovakia World Pipe Band Festival in 1998 and later in in 2000 played in the Millennial Parade in London England.

You never know where being a bagpiper or drummer will take you!

Washington Memorial School of Pipes and Drums is 501(c) (3) charitable organization and welcomes tax deductible donations to continue its endeavors and service to the community.

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